Monday, April 09, 2007

keeping up with Easter

After all of the usual fun and discovery of easter eggs and easter baskets on Sunday morning, my sister and brother-in-law sat down with their boys to talk with them about the reason we celebrate Easter in the first place. After a lesson on biblical history, the family loaded up and headed to church to worship and celebrate our risen Lord.

I can just imagine the boys chattering all the way to church about their new Easter baskets and the candy and treats the Easter Bunny kindly left for them while they were sleeping… but that wasn’t the topic of conversation in children’s church yesterday. The candy and treats were left at the door as five year-old Clayton marched in and announced to his classmates: “All of you kids who don’t know about the REAL Easter, come and sit down. I’m gonna tell you!” Walking them through the story point by preciously memorized point, he finished by telling all of his eager listeners “ you kids need to keep up with Easter, because you don’t want to go with the Devil—when you die you want to go to heaven with Jesus.”

He may very well have acknowledged the true meaning of Easter more than many of us, and he still has candy and presents to be excited about. I think it’s beautiful, and it sure does make me want to “keep up with [the real] Easter.”

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TheMilesFam said...

It seems as though little Clay is on the path to being a youth pastor, or some sort of public speaker! He made another "announcement" in Sunday School this week....but it had nothing to do with Jesus. Just about his new fish! :) But his Easter story is one that will be in my heart for ever. Thanks for putting him on your blog! :)